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Survival Foods Which Will Last 10 Years

If you are looking to put together a long term food supply then you will want to know what foods will last 10 years at least. Your long term food store can last between 20-30 years if stored correctly and carefully.

There are a variety of food items that you could look at including as part of your 10 year plus survival food store.

In general you would want to look at options that would have high calorie content as these would be food options that you would need when disaster has struck and it would be keeping your family going until some form of normal food supply can return.

There are some great ready made solutions that you can store for up to 25 years and include a range of food and meal types.

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Other food options include everyday foods that you can buy from the store but just need to be kept as securely as possible to maintain freshness. We will look at some of both options.

Ready Made Survival Food Solutions

Ready Made Survival Food

These ready made survival food solutions have been specially designed and manufactured for this exact purpose. You can find different food types and options for every meal that are all high in calories and in a form that stores well for long periods.

These food options usually require some processing like rehydration to be able to consume the meal.

The Survival Tabs 60-Day 720 Tabs Emergency Food Ration

The Survival Tabs are ideal for situations such as natural disasters. This is the best possible food in the smallest possible volume. Created to supply the body with all the daily essential vitamins and minerals needed when facing uncertainty.

The compact design allows for easy storage and is perfect for individual emergency kits. These contain 100% of 15 essential vitamins & minerals. They are made with the highest quality protein and are both gluten free and NON-GMO. This SHTF Bugout Food Combo can sustain a person for 60 days.

Store Bought Survival Foods That Last At Least 10 Years

Dried Beans And Lentils

There are many store bought survival food options that can last 10 years or more if you know how to store them correctly. These are some of the top options we can recommend for your survival food store that last at least 10 years.


Strictly speaking honey never expires. The expiration date you find on honey speaks more to when it may crystallize. Honey can still be used in its crystallized form and you can return it to its original liquid form by simply heating it up.

Uncooked White Rice

Regular white rice that you buy from a store and keep in a regular container will last about 5 years. However if you take white rice and store it in an oxygen free container it can last between 25-30 years.. This can be achieved by using a well sealed mylar bag with oxygen absorber.

Dried Beans And Lentils

These are another option that can last indefinitely if stored properly. If you have a cool dry storage area and have these packaged correctly in a well sealed container with no oxygen you can use your dried beans and lentils for many years to come.

Energy Bars

These ready to go bars are good to have in an emergency. They provide a quick energy source and generally travel well and last a long time if properly stored.

Powdered Milk

Powdered milk usually has an expiration date of 18 months but since it is a shelf stable food it can usually last way past that. If you store non-fat powdered milk in the correct conditions and packaging you could even get it to last 25 years or more.

Pure Vanilla Extract

Pure vanilla extract can last indefinitely. This is a good option to include in your food store as it can make your dishes taste much better with a vanilla flavor. The fact that it contains 35% alcohol could add to its longevity.

Corn Starch

This is another option that can last forever. So long as corn starch is not exposed to water and it is stored in its original well sealed container in a cool, dark and dry location you will always have a thickening agent on hand.

Final Thoughts

These survival foods that last 10 plus years are just some of the options available. There are many more food choices& that you can add to your long term food store that will give you plenty of variety and ensure your family is well fed if disaster strikes.

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