Three Dehydrated Foods with Outstanding Prepper Nutrition

Prepper’s and those preparing for SHTF are very familiar with dehydrated foods.

These foods are tremendous for long shelf life and when combined with an oxygen absorber and an airtight seal, you have 25 to 30 years of shelf life! 

While dehydrated foods can never be fresh food, you can store some of the most nutrient-dense dehydrated foods. 

Dehydrated Broth

Where dehydrated broth shines is in portability and shelf life. It does not need to be refrigerated. And 1 tsp of dehydrated broth (give or take) makes 1 cup of rehydrated broth! This is concentrated stuff! It is perfect for travel and also for emergency storage.

Homemade broths are also full of dense nutrition like protein and collagen as well as a whole host of vitamins and minerals. 


Peanut Butter 

Calorie dense and high in protein, powdered peanut butter is another great food to have around the food storage shelves. It can make a world of difference for you and your family. Peanut butter is one of that food that pleases all and its always good to have something like that around. 

Don’t forget you are going to rehydrate this powder and wind up with even more peanut butter than what is on your shelves. This can go a long way! Get yourself some powdered peanut butter. 

Emergency Meals 

Eating a diet of single food items is never a good idea and some food works together to help with the absorption of certain nutrients. Having emergency dehydrated meals on hand that incorporate several ingredients can be a great way to keep up with a nutritious diet. 

Don’t make these meals 100% of your food storage program but be sure to include some of them, at least! These are also very quick meals for times when the power goes out or lesser disasters strike. Happy food storage hunting. 

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